Finding My Purpose

First of all, it means living my best life by identifying my special gift(s) and stopping at nothing to share it/them with the world.

Grand Central Tobosa Station

We prove, daily, that we will overcome anything, even an invisible, airborne foe. After all, we have Superheroes among us.

Biking for a Purpose

Because not only do we need to help individuals find their purpose, we also must help our workforce find their purpose in life.

So is it Working? T.E.A.C.H.

So is it Working? T.E.A.C.H. By: Jacob Dicello If you read my last blog, no wait, let me rephrase that, “you darn sure better have read my last blog!” You may remember that I was concerned about the perception of the individuals that we support at Tobosa.¬† Tobosa, and its consumers, are no doubt misrepresented […]