Success Stories

the faces of success

Everyday Triumphs

When we here at Tobosa get to witness and take part in our clients building friendships, graduating high school, pursuing dreams and passions, exploring their world, entering the workforce, getting married and creating families of their own, we know how far we’ve come and how important the work we do is. These are the stories that we live to create – the triumphs of human potential, of our staff, our clients, and our community and what is possible together.

Supported Living

Domingo, Toby, Tim & Danny

Domingo, Toby, Tim, and Danny have been housemates for over a decade in a farmhouse just outside the city. With our help, these four gentlemen celebrate being a close-knit family. They have experienced a lot of joy on holidays, special occasions, and perfectly typical days together in their home. Like many other families, they have also shared challenges and difficulties. However, each moment together is a rich learning experience building relationships, forming solutions, and living happily. They are a great example of this program’s success.

Family Living


Jessica is 21 years old and came to Los Pasitos Learning Center when she was preschool age, going on to attend public school in Roswell. After graduating High School at the age of 18, she returned to Tobosa and is living on her own with help from *Family Living” Staff is around to come by at various times throughout the week, with visits usually focused on prompts or redirection on chores and responsibilities. Jessica currently works at a local agency, and has a very fulfilling life, surrounded by family and friends.

Assisted Living

Charlyce & Randy

A great example of this program’s success is Charlyce and Randy, married now for fifteen years. They were united in love by Joe Madrid, our former CEO in the center gazebo with Charlyce’s sister, Joy, as the Maid of Honor and Randy’s friend, Henry Orona, as the Best Man. Charlyce and Randy have thrived in their union. Randy happily works with Brewer Oil and Charlyce is a proud employee at Rib Crib. They recently made their final mortgage payment for their home and they share their home with their “baby,” Peanut.

DayHab Excursions


Through the DayHab program, Ronnie has traveled to numerous locations to watch NFL football games. He’s enjoyed this activity for most of the last decade. Like some of our more independent clients, Ronnie is capable of traveling on his own. In some instances, other clients like Ronnie travel to visit family across the state or other parts of the country.

Employment Services


Jesse has worked for Papa Murphy’s for over ten years, his professional development and experience expanding as he has taken on more responsibilities. He’s learned to make the cheesy bread and Cinnawheels, assemble the sauce and dessert cups, and measure the chicken and steak as well as sharing responsibility for the dish washing and sweeping. In his spare time he volunteers around the city, helping the food drive for those in need at St. Peter’s Catholic Church.