Stepping Out for Children 2019

Stepping Out for Children 2019

By: Felicia Juarez

Join us for our 2nd Annual “Stepping Out for Children” event on Saturday, June 8, 2019.

We are so excited to be able to host this event for the 2nd year! The reason for the event is to raise awareness of Early Intervention Services. Many people do not know that Early Intervention exists much less the benefits it can have for a child that has or is at risk of having a Developmental Delay. New Mexico has over 90,000 children ages birth to three, and the New Mexico FIT C Program serves approximately 14,000 of these New Mexico children…AWARENESS is the key!

We hope to reach as many families as possible and let them know about the true benefits of Early Intervention services.  We are always out in the community, but this event is ours. Our goal is to bring Early Intervention to the forefront for as many people to know!  STEPPING OUT FOR CHILDREN event brings family fun and education together in one afternoon. We will provide food, live entertainment, giveaways, raffle drawings, chances to win prizes, community agencies sharing what they can do for you, and Developmental Screenings…ALL FOR FREE!!!!

Our kids are the fastest growing population in New Mexico but have some tremendous obstacles in front of them.  Los Pasitos Early Intervention wants to do our part to make New Mexico a better place to live for our kids and their future. Join us for this family event, Saturday, June 8, from 10a to 1p, on the Courthouse lawn!

CRITICAL FACTS ABOUT NEW MEXICO: Scary, Hardcore Truths & The Silver Lining

  • In 2013, NM had the 4th highest rate of babies exposed to drugs and alcohol in the NATION. By 2017, that rate increased by 324%
    • FIT enrollment increased by 23% between FY 2015 and FY 2018
  • New Mexicans suffer from the highest level of household food insecurity in the NATION (5.6% above).
    • NM is 1 of 6 states in the US that serve more than 4% of children ages birth to three in their FIT Program (we serve roughly 16%)
  • Health Outcomes: Infant Mortality: NM 6.2% vs. US 5.9%, Low Birth Weight: NM 9% vs. US 8.2%, Immunization Rate: NM 68.5% vs. US 73%, Early Access to Prenatal Care: NM 63% vs. US 77%
    • Growth in NM FIT Program was so dramatic that the department received $2.6M in additional state funding.

Program Evaluation: The Department of Health’s Role in the Early Education System.  Report #19-02. May 8, 2019.

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