Spirit of the Monkey Room

A kiddo drinking during lunch time.

Spirit of the Monkey Room

By: Michelle Pruitt

When I took over as Director at Little Steps, I didn’t know that I would find a whole new appreciation for the special people who work directly with children.

Cuteness and Chaos

If you’ve ever wondered what cuteness and chaos all rolled up together looks like, it’s the one-year-old room. Our one-year-old classroom is full of spunk, unique facial expressions, and even sometimes crying. It’s hard being one and wanting a specific baby doll when your friend is already playing with it (never mind the many other baby dolls in the room).

Lunch time smiles!
Lunch time smiles!

The Monkey Room

Our one-year-old classroom is called the “Monkey Room”. I learned quickly that it is not only a cute name for the room, but it is also the spirit animal these children embrace on a daily basis. During an experience helping out in this classroom one morning, I realized just how much these little ones resemble monkeys. They’ll climb on the table (or anything else), laugh, cry, and just act wild at times. There is definitely never a dull moment in this classroom unless they are sleeping, but even then you never know. Our teachers have done a great job getting these kids on sleeping schedules. Even though they’re only about a year old, if they are told to lay back down, they generally listen.

Spaghetti for lunch!
Munching and Lunching

One of the most entertaining times during the day in the one-year-old room is mealtime. Have you ever seen a one-year-old eat yogurt or spaghetti? I guarantee once you have, the image will never leave you for the rest of your life. The enthusiasm for such delicious food causes complete and total destruction of the floor, plus it becomes an accessory to wear on both their faces and hair. I didn’t know spaghetti sauce could actually stain skin until these last few months.

A kiddo uses her sippy cup one-handed during lunch time.
Simply sipping.

Although not all of these little ones are talking just yet, some definitely are. Whenever food arrives in the room you can hear many of them yell out “papa” and excitement spreads over their tiny little faces. One little girl just this morning, during breakfast, looked at a helper in the class and said: “Hey you, more toast”. Their little personalities really shine through every day.

Adorable Lunch Face!
Adorable Lunch Face!

I love walking into the Monkey Room and being greeted by kids waving, saying “hi”, and even some great hugs. There’s always something new and fun as these kids age up to another classroom and new kiddos move up into this room.

What is your child’s spirit animal?
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