Rolling Into a New Location in the New Decade

Rolling Into a New Location in the New Decade

By: Jessica Dunn

With this new decade, we rolled right into a new office!  As many of you know, our administration staff for the Adult Services moved to a new location in the 2nd Street Plaza West in the fall of 2019.  At that time, the rest of the Adult Services team, including the Nursing Department, Team Coordinators, and Community Options, stayed at the Summit office; this created a divide we were not accustomed to.  Luckily, toward the end of the year, another Plaza suite opened up, and we acquired it reuniting all the team members who are now all located at 204 W. 2nd Street. We were able to move them all in one day on January 2nd, very impressive! Everyone pulled together, and with our mighty “manpower,” we got the entire move done in one day, impressive!  Thank you to everyone who chipped in. 

Plaza West, Suite 1

After the dust settled and people arranged their new offices, I felt this overwhelming feeling of completeness. It felt as if the rest of our tribe had returned home from a long journey. I know the feeling was mutual from the chatter around the administration office. The reference to us all being part of the Tobosa family was more evident than ever in the way that I felt. As I write these expressions, I cannot help but smile, remembering the first few times I was able to take a short walk over to the other suite solely to say, “Good morning!”, or call out, “Are you guys good?”.  It felt great to be within shouting distance again.  These simple check-ins were something that took much more effort and time in the months before January. 

Plaza West, Suite 3

I began wondering if other people in our organization felt the same as I did. I mean, surely I wasn’t the only one beaming with positive emotions over this; after all, it was just a simple office move from 0.9 miles away. My curiosity compelled me to find out if others felt the same way. Talking to people about their feelings and experiences since the move forced the corners of my mouth to rise involuntarily.  I found myself smiling again because I was comforted that the feeling was mutual.  The following are some reactions I received:

“I like it. It is more of a professional setting. It feels more like a nursing office than the other one did.”
“Moving was good because we were able to go through things and
“We are not away from everyone any longer, and now people know
where to find us. We are back to being more of a part of Tobosa.”
“It happened quicker than we thought. We worked together, and we got
it done.”
“Being in this building puts us closer to the administration. This is good
so that we can get a hold of them.”
“Since the move, we have a feeling of being a more cohesive unit. (Before the move, these departments felt very detached.)”
“In the end, we are all here for the same reason. It is good for us to be
together. Before the move, even just being a hallway apart felt like a
whole world apart.”
“I like being close to the Team Coordinators. There is a better rapport,
and it allows for more leniency between these departments. It is now
easier to Invite them to pow wow in the nursing department so we can
take care of stuff right away.”

So, as you can see, the overall feeling about our move was a good one.  Our team is a close team that needs the support of each other. The time that we were able to share a building with Los Pasitos allowed us to build a rapport with them, and both programs were able to learn more about each other and how the other one operates. Even though there were benefits to us sharing a building between programs, a time came when it would be more beneficial for everyone for this move to happen. By the adult services departments moving to 2nd Street, we not only gained the benefits mentioned above, but it also allowed room for the children services to be able to expand and share their talents and services with more kids in our community. I am very optimistic about the growth and future of all the Tobosa programs.

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  1. The move has helped our indivauls we support to get to nursing a lot quicker and easier it’s a very good move and thank u nurses and all that he case managers for all the support u give to the indivauls

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