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Earlier this month, the second annual Shining Star Gathering was held at the Roswell Adult Center. This year, one of our very own, Mark Pranke, was honored.

At Tobosa, we support individuals that face challenges because of a disability, but that doesn’t mean they take a back seat on excelling in what they do best. In fact, Mark has proven that he can excel no matter what confronts him. This Shining Star honor highlights the successes Mark has experienced and provides us with a glimpse of what he plans to accomplish in the future.

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The Shining Star Awards is a program run by New Mexico’s Developmental Disabilities Supports Division, which recognizes individuals who are living to their full potential. In this case, individuals were asked to create a “decoupage,” or in other words — an art or craft of decorating objects with paper cut-outs. Mark, as well as others who participated, created a collage using photos and cut-outs to illustrate their lives and experiences.

Mark is many things, but one thing is for certain — he is a very hard worker! He makes it very clear in his actions everyday. On Mondays and Wednesdays he works with us at Tobosa. On Thursdays he visits the thrift shop. He also completes his volunteer work throughout the week. Mark has exemplified what it means to live a life to its full potential. Throughout 2016, his art will be displayed in different locations across the State of New Mexico.

Tobosa’s mission strives to support individuals to discover their unique gifts as they work toward fulfilling their life goals and dreams. Mark, in his creative work, is clearly helping us fulfill that mission.

Read the full RDR article here.

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