A letter to current staff: how you can be involved

July 1, 2016 marked the new fiscal year for Tobosa. Tobosa is embracing this new year by making some changes in its infrastructure. Since taking the on the role of CEO, Rosy Rubio has been bringing about changes that are taking the agency back to the fundamentals. Some of these changes have been small in nature, like the atmosphere of the Overall Staff Meetings. The majority of you really enjoyed the last two staff meetings and felt they were refreshing. Along with the small changes, there have been larger changes as well. At the suggestion from the Staff Advisory Committee, the Board of Directors were proposed to increase the company’s paid holidays. We got to enjoy that benefit on the 4th of July. Tobosa has seen success from the changes that have been made thus far. This leads us to continue in our efforts to better support you as staff and in turn to support the individuals we serve.

The time is coming for new members to join the Staff Advisory Committee. I have had several people come up to me over the last few weeks. There were several that came forward after the Overall Staff Meeting. Don’t let someone else be the voice for you, step up and take your seat so that you can speak for yourself and your co-workers. We will be revamping the Staff Advisory Committee and you can be a part of that effort. As mentioned above, this committee has a great influence and power in the changes of Tobosa. The Staff Advisory Committee is made up of Direct Support Professionals throughout the organization. I want to encourage you to think about your place on this committee.

For those of you that feel this committee is not the way you want to contribute to bringing Tobosa to greatness, there are many other ways to get involved. Getting involved in this exciting movement that we are in can be as simple as writing your suggestions or ideas down and putting them in the Staff Advisory Box in the workroom for the committee to explore. Better yet, connect with a member of the committee and talk to them. Tobosa has many events throughout the year. While you are there, why not volunteer an hour of your time?

The agency is moving. We are in forward motion towards greatness.Think about it. How great will Tobosa be when everyone gives just a little. With over 200 employees, that is a lot of effort and greatness to come. We look forward to see how you will move with us.


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  1. As a member of tobosa for 17yrs i have seen many changes good and not so good one thing ive learned if its not broken dont fix it. But one thing i like to see is a 24 hour hotline for staff to express there frustrations and concerns to just let off steam when the job gets overwhelming we can have voleenteers if a person can just step up and let make the jib feild a easer piace to work many times ive cried when i got overwhelmed andnobody to share with.Sorry for my mispelled words

  2. I have often thought about this myself.. the job at times dose become very stressful and if we as staff need to vent yell scream cry who better to do it too but to others in our same feild that understand. For our spouses don’t understand sometimes and besides there hippa regulations we have to worry about.. so as to second what Mr. Lasiter said. We need to as an agency to start caring for our care givers.. A venting chat room or 24 caring advice line. After hours debriefing meeting. Maybe twice a week one for A shift and one for C shift.. ideas ideas
    help when help is asked for before the giving light is brunt out.

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