Great Expectations for 2019

Tobosa is 40!

Great Expectations for 2019

By: Rosy Rubio

I cannot believe January 2019, is over, February flew by, and March has already begun! How does that happen? My intent was to jumpstart on day one… but better late than never.

Tobosa has been doing exceptional and exciting things. This blog post will outline the great accomplishments and challenges faced in 2018 and will provide you a picture of 2019 and our expectations for it.

2018 Recap

2018, was a big year for Tobosa. It was the 40th anniversary of the creation of the organization and we began planning a celebration with much joy and gusto early in the year. This celebration consumed a lot of staff time, effort, and inspiration in 2018, but we hosted events throughout the year.

Tobosa planned and held its annual events including welcoming the Journey of Hope crew, “Go for the Gold” Golf tournament, Thanksgiving Dinner, and started a new event through children services named “Stepping Out for Children”. All of these events were very successful and brought great exposure to the great services provided by Tobosa.

2018 Summer Bash and Journey of Hope

Strategic Planning Retreat

In addition to these public events, Tobosa held its annual Strategic Planning Retreat in July. We were not able to hold the retreat at the location used in the past years. We settled on the Hurd Gallery and Haciendas in San Patricio. It was a fabulous location during the summer months and helped inspire some great ideas. The group in attendance was quite ambitious and we set goals that reflect that ambition.

Our group brought together management, board members, and staff advisory committee members to create and set ten goals,  These goals will impact services throughout the organization for both adult and children’s services. Together, we tailored goals to attract and retain a workforce by identifying and creating an employee brand, to improve the financial position of the organization, and to provide more and higher quality programming. We started working on those goals immediately and will continue through 2021.

Peter Hurd Haciendas, a beautiful place to inspire our ambitious goals

Black Tie Gala

As mentioned earlier, Tobosa celebrated 40 years of providing services to individuals in Chaves County. The event was celebrated with a Black Tie Gala featuring guest speakers Joe H. Madrid, former Tobosa CEO, Angelica Rubio, State Representative, and Timothy Z. Jennings, former NM State Senator. Rick Trevino, the Grammy-winning recording artist, performed as part of the entertainment. His show was amazing and ended the great, fun-filled evening on a high note. Thanks to all who joined us for this amazing celebration!

What a grand evening! Here I am with Mr. Rick Trevino!

In Memoriam

Although we had a very successful year, the Tobosa family also faced some hardships, including the loss of some of its members. Loss is always hard to face even when you know that it is inevitable. We want to honor those we have lost and we want our family and theirs to know they will never be forgotten and have left a memorable impact:  Brenda Bachman, Tony Strange, Daniel Madrid, Jackie Males, and Danny Zangara. Thank you so much, we will always miss you.


Into 2019

The Tobosa Book

Looking forward into 2019, we plan to publish our Tobosa Book. The idea was born during a gathering of Tobosa employees several years ago. We were sharing memories, laughter, and some of the stories that remind us why we’re here doing this work. Our team feels that moments like those needed to be captured for posterity, so we are finally going to make this dream a reality.

We Are Tobosa!

Expanding Program Development

Tobosa is also focused on expanding program development through emphasizing teaching and learning opportunities for both staff and the individuals we support. We are gearing up to push this change in culture within Tobosa. Although we have engaged in promoting this concept for many years, it has, at times, gotten lost in the shuffle of burdensome requirements, unfunded mandates, etc. We strongly believe that the individuals we support have become increasingly lost in the shuffle and we need to get back to making them and helping them be the focus.

We will continue to do so with CARE:












Support us as we make our expectations become reality!
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