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Hit the Links to Help Our Kids

Spend a day on the course, golfing for good. Roswell’s favorite fundraiser is coming up again Saturday, August 21st. The 16th Annual Tobosa Classic, a beloved event sponsored by the pillars of our business community celebrates our mutual commitment to a culture of inclusion and empowerment of diverse abilities. Together, we do better. 

Your participation in a fun day that includes lunch and all your equipment, will build the Children’s Campus, a place to learn and play that is safe and inclusive of children and families from all walks of life and abilities.

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Build a Bridge for the Children

Tobosa strives to improve the lives of young children with delays and disabilities through our sister organization Los Pasitos. By offering Early Intervention services to children ages 0-3, who are at risk for, or have a developmental delay or disability, Los Pasitos provides the support they need to reach their full potential one tiny step at a time. In cooperation with parents and caregivers, at home and in their day care centers, Los Pasitos is there to coach the team.  We meet them where they are and catch them up together, with free services that give them the chance they need to start preschool feeling happy, ready, and able. Visit our About Us page to read more.

Partner with us in giving children with delays and disabilities the bridge they deserve to grow into thriving, self-sufficient adults. Every brick helps us help them be stronger and go farther. All proceeds and contributions from our Brick Campaign go towards the development of the future Los Pasitos Children’s Campus, a place where children of our community can come together to learn and play: an environment that is safe, fun, and inclusive of children and families from all walks of life and abilities. 

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Other Ways to Donate

Make a Donation Online

Donate any amount  – from $5 to $500 to support our mission of empowering people with developmental delays or disabilities to fulfill their life goals independently, discovering their gifts and reaching their full potential. 

Donate on Facebook

Facebook also provides a secure way to donate that allows you to share the good news of your generosity with our community and yours!

Give with Every Amazon Order

It’s free! AmazonSmiles will make a donation with every order. All you have to do is set the donation to go to Tobosa and do a good deed every time you shop!

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