Celebrating Tobosa’s 39 years of service

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On Friday, September 29th, Tobosa commemorated our 39 years at the Annual Awards Celebration! We have exciting get-togethers throughout the year, but this is that special occasion for everyone to glam, spruce up, and reflect on the special moments from the year. Most importantly, we use this occasion to honor our incredible employees and individuals.
Mayor Dennis Kintigh got things rolling by acknowledging Direct Support Professionals (DSP) and proclaiming that September 25th through the 29th as “Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week at Tobosa Developmental Services.” Direct Support Professionals work with our individuals on a day-to day-basis and they are back-bone of the organization.

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Amongst our *attending guests were members of the Board of Directors:

*Joe Lovato, Board Chair
*Terri Douglass, Board Vice – Chair
*Freddy Washington, Board Secretary
*Lori Ordonez, Board Treasurer
Joe Vargas, Board Member
Dennis Pabst, Board Member
Daniel Lopez, Board Member
*Louis Mestas, Board Member
Travis Daniels, Board Member

Other dignitaries included former CEO Joe H. Madrid and his wonderful wife, Linda. We are overcome with a wondrous feeling when these community leaders come out and give support to this organization’s driving force. It’s a tell-tale sign that the passion still remains within former staffers. We take great pride in this and our aspiration is to convey this pride to the community and everyone who is a part of Tobosa. We want to see people come in for a job and stay for a family. For this exact reason, we put on this celebration every year devoted to the people that make this transformation with us. Without them, we would not have been able to sustain the success we’ve achieved for 39 years.

Individual Success Awards:

5 years:
Dustin Gilbert
Amanda Mote

10 years:
Esmera Gomez

15 Years:
Toby Appel
David East
Monica Patterson

25 Years:
Jackie Males
Melissa Ybarra

35 Years:
Tory Arthur
Martin Eudy
Lawrence Moncada
Cecil Rhodes

Employee Service Awards:

5 Years:
Gwyn Burd, Los Pasitos
Jessica Dunn, Program Services Supports
Guadalupe Garcia, Little Steps Learning Center
Crysten Gass Pope, Los Pasitos
Margie Hernandez, Tobosa Nursing
Jacqueline Jones, Tobosa Adult Services
Terry Lucero, Tobosa Adult Services
Bridgette Ross-Ornelas, Tobosa Adult Services

10 Years:
Amanda McClure, Tobosa Adult Services

15 Years:
Robert Clement, Tobosa Nursing
Linette Washington, Tobosa Adult Services

35 Years:
Joan Blodgett, Tobosa Office Personnel

Of course, the main event everyone anticipates is the revealing of Individual Achiever of the Year, Employee of the Year, and Outstanding Service Employee. These are the ones who go above and beyond without hesitation. What makes this so special is that every single person is nominated, not by upper management, but by fellow co-workers; their peers who have become friends and family and recognize their effort. They take the time to write the nominee’s name down along with all the wonderful qualities that make them stand out. The same is done for the individuals of Tobosa and their achievements. From becoming more self-sufficient to owning their own business; individuals know they have the support and encouragement from their direct care staff and this organization.

Employee of the Year Nominees:

Mary Crist, Judy MacDougal, Tanisha Paiz, Scott Lasiter, Mario Silvas, Mary Trujillo, Kathy Sigala, Andrew Garza, Beatriz Bustamante, Gracie Raigoza, Lorenzo Valencia, D’ana Mendoza, Jennifer Herbain

picture of andrew garza
Winner: Andrew Garza

Individual Achiever of the Year Nominees:

Virginia Markwell, Jessica Richardson, Daniel Madrid, Martin Eudy, Dustin Gilbert, Monica Patterson, Denise Lopez, Ronnie Hamilton

picture of Dustin Gilbert
Winner: Dustin Gilbert

We also have astounding employees that work in the children’s services at Little Steps Learning Center and Early Intervention Program. The Learning Center cares for and teaches children from the ages of one to twelve from all walks of life & developmental stages. The Early Intervention Program helps families with children who are at risk for developmental delays by providing services from birth to age three. Again, nominees are chosen by their peers based on their exceptional work ethic and dedication.

Children Services Outstanding Service Award Nominees:

Little Steps Learning Center:

Tina Medina, Nicole Landers, Mayra Davila, Margarita Rincon, Yvonne Reyes

Picture of winner, Mayra Davila
Winner: Mayra Davila

Los Pasitos Early Intervention:

Sara Rodriguez, Danielle Clements, Gwyn Burd, Pat Jones, Kaci Rodriguez

picture of winner pat jones
Winner: Pat Jones

Here’s to you all, from child to adult services, outstanding employees with your years of service, and to the continued success of our individuals; Thank you & Congratulations!

picture of sharp dressed men
Sharp dressed men Joey, Brian, and Cecil.
picture of Joe Madrid and his wife Linda
The most interesting man in the world, Joe Madrid, and his lovely wife Linda.
Picture of Tobosa staff.
DSP Josie Chavez, SLP from Direct Therapy Services Vivienne Matlack, DSP Mary Trujillo, Team Lead Chrissy Singleton, DSP Jacob Barrera.
picture of CEO Rosy Rubio and Pat Jones.
Tobosa CEO Rosy Rubio with Outstanding Service Award recipient Pat Jones.
Picture of ladies from Los Pasitos Early Intervention
Wonderful ladies from Los Pasitos Early Intervention: Mayra Lopez, Ana Meza, Pat Jones, Kelsey Kelly, Lacy Kastler.

Support Tobosa!

Help us maintain this distinguishable atmosphere for our amazing direct support professionals.

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