The Strive for Meaning

It is tough, almost arduous, helping them cut through layers to truly find what makes them who they are and what pushes them to fulfillment. It is a challenge that we are willing to take on and succeed.

Essential Daycare

Essential Daycare By: Michelle Pruitt When it comes to daycare, we are essential. We serve the community to offer childcare to parents who are deemed, essential workers. During this crazed time of COVID-19, the doors of Little Steps Learning Center has remained open to help those families and to provide childcare for others in the […]

Grand Central Tobosa Station

We prove, daily, that we will overcome anything, even an invisible, airborne foe. After all, we have Superheroes among us.

Spirit of the Monkey Room

A kiddo drinking during lunch time.

Spirit of the Monkey Room By: Michelle Pruitt When I took over as Director at Little Steps, I didn’t know that I would find a whole new appreciation for the special people who work directly with children. Cuteness and Chaos If you’ve ever wondered what cuteness and chaos all rolled up together looks like, it’s […]

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

February 11th through 17th was Random Acts of Kindness Week, and it paved the way for National Random Acts of Kindness Day. It all started with one simple phrase written on a placemat by Anne Herbert back in 1982: “practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” A quiet storm was evolving, and […]

Celebrating Tobosa’s 39 years of service

picture of sharp dressed men

On Friday, September 29th, Tobosa commemorated our 39 years at the Annual Awards Celebration! We have exciting get-togethers throughout the year, but this is that special occasion for everyone to glam, spruce up, and reflect on the special moments from the year. Most importantly, we use this occasion to honor our incredible employees and individuals. […]

Making a difference for Joey and more

Attending meetings and trainings have become just an everyday thing for me. It is part of my daily tasks and responsibilities. In August, I was reminded about the importance of our work at Tobosa. We attended a meeting for a Tobosa family centered around how we support individuals with making daily choices. During this meeting/presentation, […]

“Team Poe” goes above and beyond


The staff at Tobosa assist individuals who are challenged by developmental disabilities. Staff assist them to live in their homes and in the community as independently as possible. These individuals have goals and dreams which staff assist them to reach and fulfill.   In Tobosa’s supportive living program, each individual lives in a home, with […]

A letter to current staff: how you can be involved

July 1, 2016 marked the new fiscal year for Tobosa. Tobosa is embracing this new year by making some changes in its infrastructure. Since taking the on the role of CEO, Rosy Rubio has been bringing about changes that are taking the agency back to the fundamentals. Some of these changes have been small in […]