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Disabilities or Different Abilities

It can be the difference between positive & negative, good & bad. And in some instances, completely change someone’s outlook on life for the better.

Tobosa’s Children Campus

Tobosa’s Children Campus By: Felicia Juarez It has been an exciting time for children’s services through Tobosa Developmental Services. Just as the children we support, grow,

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Our Latest Podcast

You’ll know from the mishaps – “We may not be Steven Spielberg, but we have so much fun making them!” Join us with host Jake “the Jester” DiCello, our clients, staff, family and friends as we talk daily life, football, and sharing our gifts. We love our fans and advocates!

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2022 A Clean Slate

However, Tobosa continues to push forward through these obstacles and challenges to continue supporting and carrying out the organization’s mission. Throughout the pandemic, Tobosa pointedly decided to push forward.

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Apropos of Something

As I continue to grow old with Tobosa, things that I used to concentrate on have become second nature. That means my brain is more relaxed when I am in the Tobosa community, and I have begun to pick up little details that I have missed before.

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A Quote to Live By

Above all, you will learn what it means to be part of something bigger and more powerful than words can ever explain.

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The Strive for Meaning

It is tough, almost arduous, helping them cut through layers to truly find what makes them who they are and what pushes them to fulfillment. It is a challenge that we are willing to take on and succeed.

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Finding My Purpose

First of all, it means living my best life by identifying my special gift(s) and stopping at nothing to share it/them with the world.

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A DSP’s View During COVID-19

During COVID-19, our roles as Direct Support Professionals expanded. We have taken on new tasks and have developed skills that we may not have deemed necessary six months ago.

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Essential Daycare

Essential Daycare By: Michelle Pruitt When it comes to daycare, we are essential. We serve the community to offer childcare to parents who are deemed,

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