Making a difference for Joey and more

Attending meetings and trainings have become just an everyday thing for me. It is part of my daily tasks and responsibilities. In August, I was reminded about the importance of our work at Tobosa. We attended a meeting for a Tobosa family centered around how we support individuals with making daily choices. During this meeting/presentation, […]

Strategic Planning and Goals for 2015-2018

A few times a year, one phrase is heard in different agency meetings around Tobosa that remind people to look at the big picture. This phrase is “Strategic Planning/Strategic Goals.” Strategic Planning is where we sit down and plan out the goals and direction for our organization for the next 3-5 years. The goals look […]

Tobosa now providing Behavior Support Services


The Tobosa family is on fire with a burning passion that is leading to innovative changes throughout the organization. We are working to act on this passion and implement a way for this devotion for the individuals under our services to shine through. Anyone working in the industry knows that the Southeast Region (where we […]

A letter to staff: new changes

In the last article that we spent together, I got to briefly mention that some changes were taking place. Since then, Rosy has talked to you, current Tobosa employees, at the Overall Staff Meeting about some of the changes that have been taking place here at Tobosa. I want to take this opportunity to explain […]

A letter to current staff: how you can be involved

July 1, 2016 marked the new fiscal year for Tobosa. Tobosa is embracing this new year by making some changes in its infrastructure. Since taking the on the role of CEO, Rosy Rubio has been bringing about changes that are taking the agency back to the fundamentals. Some of these changes have been small in […]

Thank you for your work Ben! Farewell!

Ben Mattice is currently the Quality Assurance Coordinator. Ben has been in this position for a little over a year. After just a short time we are sad to say goodbye to Ben. He will be leaving at the end of this month, but his impact on the Quality Assurance position will remain. Ben ensured […]