Apropos of Something

By Jacob Dicello

Foreword -
When gaining assistance from Felicia Juarez for my next blog, she asked me over and over for weeks what I had in mind to write. I kept saying “nothing.”  Eventually, she replied, “then write about nothing, and that will be your something to write about.” Somehow in my mind, that made perfect sense, and a new blog corner was born.  I get to talk about random nothings that mean something.  I finally have a place to put the massive amount of nothing rolling around in my brain, and it will indeed mean something.  Who knew?

Blog Post #1

Have you ever seen one of my all-time favorite movies, Back to the Future? Ok, for you youngsters who haven’t seen it, please do. For those of you who have seen it, you will remember the scene where Marty McFly is in the past talking to the young Biff, and Biff is annoyed with Marty and tells him angrily to “make like a tree and get outta here.” (Biff’s future self later reprimands himself on the correct saying in the past – confusing? Yeah, watch the movies!) Recently I rewatched the film, and that scene came on, and simultaneously, I looked down and saw the Little Steps tree logo on the shoulder of one of my shirts.

Apropos of something…

My mind began to meld the two together. In the movie, Biff used this expression of annoyance and the desire for Marty to leave his premises. Conversely, at Tobosa, we say things like “grow where you are planted.” So the next time I see you and tell you to “make like a tree and leave,” please don’t be upset; I will really be telling you to blossom and to grow strong, healthy, and beautiful. Now get outta here, would ya – I’m busy. Make like a tree and leave.

Blog Post #2

As I continue to grow old with Tobosa, things I used to concentrate on have become second nature. That means my brain is more relaxed in the Tobosa community, and I have begun to pick up little details that I have missed before.

Apropos of something…

I was at the Hamilton house one day, and suddenly, without realizing it, my friends who work and live there made me feel insignificant. Certainly, they didn’t do so on purpose. Although Dustin and Cliff greeted and welcomed me in, the insignificance I felt was a product of me watching Cliff, Dustin, Jody, Troy, Andrew, and Will go about their day. It was amazing. Cliff and Dustin watched a movie in the living room as Cliff was in and out preparing some food. Dustin just had this contented look on his face because he knew he was in good hands, and Cliff was just as happy as can be to support Dustin. I walked down the hall and went to say hello to Jody. When I did, I saw Andrew sitting in Jody’s room with his full attention on Jody. Jody had the biggest grin on his face. I walked by Troy’s room and saw Will sitting next to Troy, encouraging him to self-soothe. Will is this big, strong man who could do just about anything he decided to do. Heck, I ain’t going to try to get in his way. When I left and got back in my car, I realized that any of these three guys could do whatever they choose for work. But Andrew, Cliff, and Will do what they do because, at the end of the day, they know their time spent is the most meaningful work that not just anyone can do.

Moreover, they take home with them the respect from an individual that I cannot have. I can’t elicit a big smile from Jody – but Andrew can. I can’t make Dustin feel safe, secure, and content – but Cliff can. I can’t draw a look of admiration from Troy – but Big-Will can. Tobosa’s Direct Support team is comprised of the most accomplished, well-respected people on the planet because they can positively impact the lives of the most significant people on the earth. And guess what, for those of us that are not Direct Support staff, let’s face it, we can’t. Certainly not like they can.  

You all are apropos of everything – the individuals of Tobosa and the Direct Support Professionals who support them daily. 

Editor's Note: During the time this blog was written & published, we lost a dear soul, Mr. Troy Evans. Rest in paradise, our sweet friend.

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