2022 A Clean Slate

By: Rosy Rubio, CEO

Is this not what people say when a new year comes around? A chance to start over, new resolutions made, the past put behind.  

The past two years have been a challenge for everyone including myself.  The years went by in quick slow motion if you can understand my perspective.  We slowed down but moved quickly through the days, weeks, months, years.  So many changes, so many new but scary experiences. But survival was our mantra.  

Christmas Photo Tobosa 2021

Covid was a big looming dark cloud that Tobosa dealt with for the past two years.  We struggled with the loss of individuals and staff members through this pandemic.  We struggled with the staff shortages that occurred because of the pandemic.  We have struggled with Covid fatigue for the past two years with no end in sight.  However, Tobosa continues to push forward through these obstacles and challenges to continue supporting and carrying out the organization’s mission.  Throughout the pandemic, Tobosa pointedly decided to push forward.  

Tobosa learned to operate remotely in training, meetings, connections, and presentation.  We were taken out of our comfort zone and were able to accomplish so many things that we had thought about doing but were fearful of the endeavor.  Covid 19 forced us out of that comfort zone and provided an opportunity to accomplish so many things through a virtual environment.  We did not step back but embraced the forceful push that Covid 19 provided.  

In 2021 I made a big but hard decision to start looking at stepping down and letting the younger generation take the lead.  It was an exciting decision but one that did not really pan out like expected. 

During 2021, many employees found their purpose and passion. Tobosa hosted a “graduation” ceremony to acknowledge employees that accepted the challenge into a journey of discovery to find their purpose.  Tobosa graduated six employees and continues to work with others that have accepted to travel the journey of discovery.  I took that journey.  I found out so many things about myself.  I’m not gonna lie….. It was a bit scary.  But I found out that I am an influencer, motivator, and more prone to be around people, groups, etc.  I kind of  knew this about me.  I found out how I could use these personal characteristics to connect with my natural gift of generosity to encourage others to find their passion and purpose in life.  I want everyone to find the best version of themselves and act on it.   Tobosa continues to support others to seek their Purpose.  

Many stepped up to take new leadership roles and were empowered to take on new challenges with a courageousness about them.  They were instrumental in creating systems that improved Tobosa services and programming for the individuals supported.  Tobosa spent much time and effort taking a new direction with the Quality Assurance team.  Specifically, kudos to these three employees:  Steve Kane, Jacob Dicello and Miranda Gomez for taking the “bull by the horns”.  They were instrumental in leading with improving systems that created measurable data and provided a guide that would lead us to more changes and improvements.  

Tobosa Quality Assurance Team

What does 2022 hold for Tobosa?  Tobosa will continue to prioritize quality services and learning opportunities for the individuals it supports.  Tobosa will continue to support employees in  their journey of discovery in finding their Purpose in LIfe.  Purpose in LIfe will take a life of its own with Tobosa securing opportunities to present at a state and national level.  Tobosa will continue its strong partnerships with external entities to drive opportunities for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, both children and adults, to fulfill their life goals and dreams, meet milestones, and gain their level of independence.  

Tobosa has learned and endured much in the past two years.  We do not see this as a bad thing; but rather, as an affirmation that we are strong, resilient, and we have a purpose for our existence. We celebrate the little steps…. Because they are the biggest steps.   WE ARE TOBOSA! 

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